What’s with the name?


What’s with the name?

July 13, 2004
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What’s with the name “Cursed Network” anyway?


by: Chris Filippi

In all my years of computer network consulting and maintaining, I’ve noticed one common trend in small business: They need computers to function, and go nuts when their computers don’t function as expected.

It’s the unexpected frustrations that create the impression of the “cursed” network. Some invisible, malicious force is hard at work to make your company’s computer experience miserable.

“How does my computer know when to crash at the worst possible time? Why do I always have trouble printing when I’m on a deadline? I’ve thrown tons of money at it the problems just come back. It’s like my network is possessed.”

I’ve heard similar mantras from countless new clients. The answer is simple: computers are inherently complicated, self-destructive devices that are deceptively easy to use and nearly impossible to do business without. Fortunately, with the right tools, attitude, and assistance, your network can prove to be the asset you bought it for, not the money-pit liability it seems. This is where Cursed Network Corporation comes in.

We dispel your network demons in three important ways. First, our extensive knowledge of computers and their countless quirks allows us to fix your existing problems quickly and efficiently. Second, our network of suppliers and specialists allow us to provide solutions the usual “tech guy” is totally unaware of. Finally, our proactive approach and ability to translate computer lexicon into plain English allows you to make informed decisions to keep your network running smoothly and plan for the future.

So instead of turning to a priest to exorcise your network woes, try a better technology consultant instead.

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