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    Cursed Network Corporation
    As our company’s name implies, we exorcise
    network demons, namely: techno-babble, the
    break-fix death trap, and short-sighted
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    We Know Windows
    We're a Microsoft Certified Small Business
    Provider, specializing in small business
    networks with Windows servers.
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    We Support Apple Products Too!
    Over 15 years of Apple Macintosh service,
    support, and networking.
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    Smartphones & Tablets
    Enabling Mobility
    Your mobile workforce needs to...well, work.
    We can integrate your smartphones and tablets
    to securely access your data remotely.
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    Secure Access...Anywhere
    The Cloud is an indispensable tool, from
    backup to remote connectivity. We can help
    you leverage Cloud-based services to achieve
    more productivity and peace of mind.
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    Network → Internet
    Connectivity is Key
    From firewalls to wireless access points,
    your network needs to move data fast and keep
    attackers at bay.
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    Physical and Virtual
    From Server 2003 to 2019, Exchange to
    Hyper-V, we got you covered.


Wireless network design, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting


Software / hardware solution research and integration


PC and Macintosh platform procurement, repair, and upgrading


On-site and remote network consulting, purchasing, deployment, and maintenance

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